Life is a joke.

No witty comment afterwards.


Anonymous said: miss who?

an old ex of mine. it’s whatever though. it’s been a long time and i know it’s never going to happen again, it’s just that i needed to say that to someone (or something) just to get it off my chest. 


fuck. i miss him.

Song’s pretty old, but literally my life now though

"Hey, I put some new shoes on,
And suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody’s smiling,
It’s so inviting,
Oh, short on money,
But long on time,
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
And I’m running late,
And I don’t need an excuse,
'cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes.”



what does the fox say?


"oh man!"

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wow hey guys I’m back

The tumblr language ruined sexting for anyone.

"you’re so hot I can’t even ugh"




everyone is embarrassed of their fourteen year old self trust me if you’re fourteen right now you will regret whatever it is that you are doing at this moment

will indignant fourteen year olds stop reblogging this with a synopsis of what they’re doing right now because i don’t actually care

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